We care for each other and those in our community by serving others as Christ serves us.


Just as Jesus did not come to be served but to serve others, we have the privilege to serve others using the gifts and abilities God has given us.  Each one of us is important and each of us, when serving together, brings glory to God and advances the mission of His Church.  Ultimately, God brought us together to meet the needs of those He put in our lives and He assures us that we belong to something greater than ourselves.


Sunday mornings are one of our most important times to volunteer.  God has been faithful in providing all those who faithfully serve already and we believe He will lead even more people to serve if they are given the opportunity.  That means we need to expand the number of volunteers and the opportunities for people to serve as they have been gifted and called by God.


We are committed to exploring new service opportunities for a number of reasons: 1) To create a culture of service that brings honor and glory to God.  2) To use the gifts God has given His people.  2) To help people feel welcomed from the moment they step foot on our campus so that they will return.  3) That our service will be an opportunity to serve others by sharing God’s love through Jesus Christ.


Because God has given us a great mission field in Yuma Lutheran School, it is important that we connect with school families at school functions and activities.  When Jesus said, “Go,” it doesn’t mean we have to go to the other side of the world when we can go to a concert or a game or an event to make a connection with a school family.  By showing how much we care about them, God will again open more doors connect people to Christ.


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