Connecting people to one another and Christ through worship.


We all need encouragement to stay connected to Jesus especially in a culture that tries hard to pull us away.  One of the ways this happens is when we gather together for worship and God comes to us through His Word and gives us His gifts.  Worship is a time when we celebrate and give thanks, with one voice for all that God has done and will do. Worship is a time when we come together to encourage each other so that we remain faithful disciples of Jesus.  And worship is a time when all people are welcomed to hear of God’s love for them in Jesus; a love that will transform their lives.


While it is ideal that we physically gather together in worship, God has given us opportunities to stay connected while people are far away or with those who can’t walk through the church doors.  It will also give us the opportunity to connect people to Christ who don’t know Him.  By live streaming our worship services people will be able to connect with our worship services through the internet.  We believe God will use this opportunity to connect people to Christ in Yuma and across the globe with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


We strive to make worship an experience that will help people hear the truth of God’s Word and experience His grace in their lives.  By enhancing our worship experience, our hope is that people will grow closer in their relationship with Jesus and, hopefully, want to make Christ Lutheran Church their church home.


God has placed a huge mission field on our campus in Yuma Lutheran School.  God continues to give us the increase of students and our number one priority is to connect those children and their families to Jesus Christ.  As we build relationships with our school families, God will give us the opportunities to connect them to Christ as a family.


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