Faithful God – Faithful Givers Overview

We serve a faithful God.  For over 50 years God has been faithful in transforming people to follow Jesus at Christ Lutheran Church.  Even though we live in a transitional community, God continues give us the resources we need to reach the lost for Christ.  We are blessed with a wonderful and caring congregation, a vibrant and growing school and with facilities that enable us to connect with our community in order to share the love of Christ to those that don’t know Him.  Both our church and school are a place where people find the grace and truth of Christ.

But God wants more.  He wants more of the lost to be saved.  God desires that all of those who are Christ’s followers to be deeply connected to Him and each other. God desires that all His people use their gifts and talents to serve others as Jesus Christ serves us.  God desires that we are all faithful to Him and His mission so that more and more people will be saved.

Because God is faithful, we believe that He will use us to connect more people to Christ through worship, by cultivating dynamic disciples in home groups and through service as we care for each other and our community.

What is Faithful God – Faithful Givers?

In December we introduced our new stewardship campaign, Faithful God – Faithful Givers.  Pastor Harman preached two sermons on the faithfulness of God and our opportunities to serve in His church, and many people enjoyed fellowship at the Family Advent Celebration.  Informational booklets were also made available to all members and friends of Christ Lutheran Church.

So what is the Faithful God – Faithful Givers stewardship campaign?  It is the theme for our offering program above and beyond the regular offerings for the 2019 calendar year.  With God’s help,  these sacrificial offerings will be used to eliminate the debt on the Activity Center and complete several expensive maintenance projects needed around the campus.  Also, as we learn about ways to give our time and talents in the church, we want to build a community that is connected to Christ, growing in relationships, and caring for each other through serving.  Be watching for more serving opportunities to be discussed in January!

A mailing was sent in late December including a letter, a commitment card, and an informational booklet.  If you did not receive this mailing, please let the church office know and one will be sent right away.  Please prayerfully consider how you will participate in this stewardship emphasis and plan to celebrate God’s gifts to us on Commitment Sunday, January 13, 2019.  On this day we will be collecting the pledge cards that you will receive in the mail and have a celebration lunch after the late service.

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