Financial Goals

As faithful stewards God will continue to bless the ministry of Christ Lutheran Church and Yuma Lutheran School.  The Mission & Ministry Council Supports the following:


As God’s stewards sound financial management is crucial for a successful ministry.

  • We will have no congregational debt at the end of 2019
  • A solid capital reserve account has been built for site improvements*.
  • By 2020 we will budget all site improvements that are needed each year.
  • GOAL: $255,000 for debt retirement and $245,000 for site improvements


As God’s stewards we have the responsibility to maintain the property He has given us for ministry.

  • Deferred maintenance and site improvements are prioritized.
  • Deferred maintenance and site improvements are made as funds are received.
  • Schedule and prioritize site improvements as needed
  • Periodically review the Master Plan for future building.
  • GOAL: To complete most site improvements by the end of 2019.

*  Site improvements are repairs and maintenance on existing facilities including the following:

  • Painting the church
  • Re-carpeting the church
  • Repaving the back parking lot
  • Painting the Activity Center
  • Remodeling School Restrooms
  • And more!


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