Worship Update – Mask Mandate Lifted – March 26, 2021

March 26, 2021

Dear Friends of Christ,

I pray all of you are doing well.  It is great to see more and more people coming back to worship.  Last Sunday was our largest attendance since the pandemic began!

Even with the changes we had to make this past year, God continues to be faithful.  Just in the last few months we have had over 20 Baptisms between our church and school.  Last Sunday alone we received 12 new members and baptized 6 people (2 adults and 4 children).  It was an incredible day! And we have several Baptisms scheduled over the next few weeks!

God continues to be faithful through you the members of Christ Lutheran.  Thank you for your generosity to the Lord through your offerings.  This past year offerings continue to increase instead of decrease, despite COVID-19.  Your generous hearts enables us to reach more and more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Offerings can be given in person, online through our website Christyuma.org, through our church app, or by mailing or dropping it off in the office during the week. 

Yesterday you may have heard our Governor, through Executive Order, has lifted the mask mandate and our Mayor has done the same for the city of Yuma.  With this change, we are leaving it up to each person to wear a mask in worship or not.  For some of you, you’ve been waiting to hear this news for a long time and others of you aren’t ready to give up your mask.  We respect the decision you make.  With that said, we will continue to social distance in church, only using ever other pew; continue to have worshippers bring their offerings to front during the service; and serve communion with each person taking the bread and wine themselves like we have since last May. 

Even though we will see more and more people coming back to worship in person, we will continue to live stream all three services at 8, 9:30, and 11 am.  You can connect with us on YouTube by searching Christ Lutheran Church Yuma.  If you haven’t already subscribed to our channel, please press the subscribe button on the page. 

If you are out of the habit of coming to worship, I am praying that you will start coming back.  Online worship is a blessing but it will never replace meeting together in person.  If you are someone who has a weak immune system or are prone to catching viruses, please don’t feel guilty staying home.  We will continue to pray for you and look forward to the day we can all gather together again.

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel.

God’s blessings,

Pastor Harman

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